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How To

How to be an artist
How to be a cut-up artist
How to transform films from file sharing networks into new originals
How to get more out of your P2P downloads
How to take file sharing further
How to make art out of file sharing

You are a file sharer? You keep downloading stuff, but then you don't watch it?
Want to get more out of your downloaded films? Here you can find out how to re-interpret your favourite films by processing them through DOWNLOAD-FINISHED. You can even send the processed films off to video festivals! It's as easy as one - two - three!

Choose found footage as an input-file


  • Enter your name, or any pseudonym you want to be the author of the transformation.
  • Enter your email, so you can be notified, once the downloading and processing is finished and your new film is in the archive, ready for you to watch.


  • Watch your film online or download it to enjoy it full screen. Feel free to edit the film, send it off to video festivals, mash it up, extract stills.
  • Invite your friends and screen your film. We have observed: The bigger the screen, the better!

Download Finished is a project by !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Sven König